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“I cannot imagine anyone with as open and tactful an intelligence as Sue Leonard.”

— Man Booker Prize Winner and Ireland’s inaugural Laureate for Irish fiction, Anne Enright, at the launch of An Act of Love.

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Karl Geary

Karl Geary is in his car, in Glasgow, talking to me via zoom. After spending many rackety years in the States, the Dubliner is happily settled in Glasgow. After a lifetime of yearning to be a…

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Latest: Beginner's Pluck

Sheena Wilkinson.

Sheena’s childhood was a typically imaginative one. “I wrote from the age of nine,” she says, “and I always loved reading.  I’d take a book to birthday parties in case I got bored.” She was always…

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Talking Ghostwriting.

I’m often asked to talk to the press about the art of ghostwriting, but this article, prompted by Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, is the most comprehensive I’ve contributed to. Journalist Patrice Harrington, writing in The Sunday…

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