Review. Rachael English.

Rachael English is not the first writer to tackle the subject of the church’s abuse of women; along with a plethora of factual accounts, we’ve had novels from Jo Spain and Marita Conlon McKenna amongst others….

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Liz Nugent

Ever since she stormed onto the literary scene in 2014, Liz Nugent has been famous for her devastating first lines. And with her latest, fourth novel, Our Little Cruelties, she has penned her most intriguing yet…

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Maeve Galvin

Maeve loved writing as a young child and teenager, but after college she was so focused on her career that her creativity took a back seat. “I studied journalism at college. I edited the college magazine,…

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Austin Donnelly

Brought up on a farm, Austin has always wanted to be a vet. “My dad was a big storyteller. I loved hanging out with him in farmer’s markets and in the pub after mass.” After university,…

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Alice Lyons

Alice’s artistic talent showed early. “I was an artist as a child, and I was encouraged. I wrote little bits, but wanted to become a visual artist.” At university, the art course was too conceptual, and…

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Andrew Meehan

Andrew Meehan

Andrew Meehan is a happy man. He adores living in Glasgow – a city where the arts flourish – and he loves his life as an author and teacher of creative writing. So much so, in…

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Frances Macken

Frances always believed that a writing career was unrealistic, and after studying film at college, she worked in advertising, and then was employed by an NGO as a Manager of Social Media. Meanwhile, she wrote two…

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Marianne Lee

Marianne has always been creative. Her first love was painting, and after studying design she worked for advertising agencies. In 2000, she took a break and studied writing. “I enjoyed that. It freed my mind, and…

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Richard Hogan

As a small child, Richard Hogan’s ambition was to become a journalist, but his father, who worked for The Irish Times turned him off the idea. Then, as a member of a band, he wanted to…

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Cathy Sweeney Auther, Headshot, December 2019

Cathy Sweeney

Cathy Sweeney has always loved reading. “I loved English. I studied it and taught it until my late thirties.” She taught up to Leaving Certificate in various schools including St Killian’s Community School, Bray, schools in…

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David Diebold

A hyperactive, over-imaginative child, David haunted the Exchange Bookshop in Dalkey as a kid. “I particularly loved anthologies of horror.” Brought up by his grandparents – believing, at first, that his mother was his sister, David…

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Molly Aitken

Molly didn’t learn to read until she was 10. “But at my Steiner school I was focused on art and stories. I forced my friends to do theatre and puppets. I loved directing and controlling them.”…

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