Fiona Harrison

A prolific reader, as a child Fiona Harrison  wrote stories about Roland Rat who would help Margaret Thatcher run the government. She has worked as a journalist for 15 years. “I did my NCTJ training, then cut…

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Andrew Harding

Foreign Correspondent Andrew Harding has covered 25 wars, yet his first book is an uplifting and redemptive tale set in Mogadishu.  ANDREW HARDING has worked as a foreign correspondent for the past 25 years. He has…

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William Ryan

WHAT makes a man capable of murder? What did it take to make former bank clerks and ex-policemen happy to work in German camps whose business was mass murder? It’s a question that has long fascinated…

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Jess Kidd

When she was a child, Jess wrote plays, and roped her friends into performing them. She  started writing it earnest when she attended college. Dropping out, when she became pregnant with her daughter, Jess worked in…

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Shawn Vestal

Brought up a Mormon, Shawn left the faith on leaving home. He always planned to be a teacher, but, after dropping out of university, he began working for a local, weekly newspaper. “I just loved it,”…

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Ann Patchett Review

Ann Patchett’s 7th novel starts at a Christening party. It’s 1964 in Los Angeles, and the heat is crippling. When Bert Cousins turns up, uninvited, carrying a large bottle of gin, the party takes on a…

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Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca won prizes for her short stories when she was in primary school. “I’ve always had a big imagination. Writing on the computer was my equivalent of playing with dolls.” As a teenager, suffering full blown…

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DBC Pierre

DBC PIERRE didn’t set out to pen a book on how to write; he’s never been sure that writing is something that can be taught. When he embarked on his debut, Vernon God Little, he hadn’t…

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Anne Joyce

After leaving school, Anne moved to Dublin to train as a dressmaker; then she worked for a couple of designers. “After that, I opened a business in Portarlington. I ran it for 14 years.” Back problems…

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Keith Stuart: A Boy made of Blocks

ALEX is moving out of home. The 30-something still loves his wife Jodie; and his eight-year-old son, Sam, but he’s lost his ability to cope. Sam has autism, and Alex is terrified of his son’s fears,…

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Herta Feely

Born in Yugoslavia, Herta grew up in Germany, and then, from when she was seven, in the USA. After College she moved to Washington DC, where she worked as a freelance doing  publicity and press for…

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Caroline Busher

An only child of Irish parents, Caroline has always written. But her first job was as a housing officer in Manchester, allocating properties to people. “I like to be involved in the social aspects of life.”…

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