Karl Geary

A dyslexic, who was terrified of books, Karl left school without exams. Leaving Dublin for New York at 16, he started reading, loving the vibrant arts scene in East Village. “When you need to fill gaps…

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Seán Ó Súilleabháin

  Seán has written plays since he was a teenager. “I was greatly encouraged at my school, and I wrote plays in college too.” Originally keen to become a journalist, Seán soon realised the job was…

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Deirdre Purcell

Marian Lescher, the lead character in Deirdre Purcell’s new novel, is a journalist. A freelancer, she is delighted when she’s offered a job on a start-up magazine. She has to interview someone every week, and produce…

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Max Dickins

Max got into writing at university. “My confidence to write came through other things,” he says. “I got into performing sketch and stand-up comedy. I loved that idea of taking something and performing it, and getting…

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Review. Lara by Anna Pasternak

The book and movie, Doctor Zhivago, show the passionate love between Yuri Zhivago and Lara, the nurse for whom he betrays his wife. Set between the Russian revolution and the Second World War, it depicts the…

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Lesley Allen

Visits to the library were once the highlight of Lesley Allen’s life. She loved writing too. “I always penned stories. I wrote plays, and my dolls acted them out.” Lesley worked, unhappily, in PR before sidestepping…

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Erik Beck Rubin

Erik got into writing through his passion for reading. “I wrote for the university newspaper, then started writing the stories that weren’t there for me to read.” An amateur pianist, Erik gained his love of classical…

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Robert Harris

Robert Harris never meant to write novels. A political journalist, who, at 30, moved from the BBC to become political editor of the Observer, he enjoyed writing longer pieces; and between 1982 and 1990, he penned five…

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Fiona Harrison

A prolific reader, as a child Fiona Harrison  wrote stories about Roland Rat who would help Margaret Thatcher run the government. She has worked as a journalist for 15 years. “I did my NCTJ training, then cut…

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Andrew Harding

Foreign Correspondent Andrew Harding has covered 25 wars, yet his first book is an uplifting and redemptive tale set in Mogadishu.  ANDREW HARDING has worked as a foreign correspondent for the past 25 years. He has…

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William Ryan

WHAT makes a man capable of murder? What did it take to make former bank clerks and ex-policemen happy to work in German camps whose business was mass murder? It’s a question that has long fascinated…

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Jess Kidd

When she was a child, Jess wrote plays, and roped her friends into performing them. She  started writing it earnest when she attended college. Dropping out, when she became pregnant with her daughter, Jess worked in…

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