Ghostwriter & Journalist

If you have a story to tell, Sue Leonard can ghostwrite your book for you. As a journalist Sue interviews authors and writes features for The Irish Examiner and others

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Kathleen MacMahon

Back in 2016, Kathleen MacMahon holidayed, as usual, with her family on the Costa Brava. Afterwards, whilst her husband flew home, she took a train to Antibes with their twin teenage daughters. She wanted to start…

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Latest: Beginner's Pluck

Susannah Dickie

A voracious reader, Susannah got her love of books from her grandmother; but as a child she wanted to be an artist with celebrity status. “I started writing prose poetry at university,” she says. “The poems…

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Twelve Things I learned at the 2019 West Cork Literary Festival.

With the 2020 festival cancelled, I’m wishing I was in Bantry, and am remembering last year. Roll on July 2021! 1. John Boyne auditioned for Boyzone – and only then applied to do an MFA in…

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