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If you have a story to tell, Sue Leonard can ghostwrite your book for you. As a journalist Sue interviews authors and writes features for The Irish Examiner and others

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Review. The Danger and the Glory. Irish Authors on the Art of Writing

How do writer’s write? Where does their inspiration come from, and what is their process of putting their words on the printed page? All this holds endless fascination for passionate readers, and for those who, eager…

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Latest: Beginner's Pluck

Úna-Minh Kavanagh

Úna-Minh was born creative. “I’ve always loved the radio, and I used to create my own plays and stories.” Brought up in an Irish heritage, Úna-Minh is passionate about the Irish language. Graduating from DCU, she…

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Margaret Daly. A Tribute

The first rule of author interviewing, is don’t, ever, be late. Especially if the writer has flown in and has a packed-out schedule for the day. But once, when I was due to meet the duo…

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