Ghostwriter & Journalist

If you have a story to tell, Sue Leonard can ghostwrite your book for you. As a journalist Sue interviews authors and writes features for The Irish Examiner and others

Latest: Interviews & Reviews

Kit De Waal

Reading Kit De Waal’s second novel I lost all sense of time. Transported, I was swept into the world of Mona, a lonely Irish woman who, approaching sixty, thinks back to the early seventies, and the…

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Latest: Beginner's Pluck

Moire O’Sullivan

Moire’s first interest lay in science. And though she was athletic as a child, she dropped netball at 18 to concentrate on the Viola. “I played in the Ulster Youth Orchestra,” she says. After university, Moire…

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Latest: News

Writers for Repeal

It’s been quite a week in Ireland. After a sometimes divisive campaign, we voted, overwhelmingly to repeal the eighth, and put an end to years of sadness for Irish women, forced to leave their country to…

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