Ghostwriter & Journalist

If you have a story to tell, Sue Leonard can ghostwrite your book for you. As a journalist Sue interviews authors and writes features for The Irish Examiner and others

Latest: Interviews & Reviews

Review. The Switch. Beth O’Leary

Last year, Beth O’Leary produced a debut that really hit the spot. Warm and clever, with characters one wished were friends, The Flat Share featured two people who share a bed – but at different times,…

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Latest: Beginner's Pluck

Giles Dawnay

During university holidays Giles worked for an adventure company. He taught in Kenya, before setting up a division in Peru. He returned often, leading mountaineering expeditions. And after graduation, he worked in Ghana, then Fiji, as…

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Eulogy for Joy Almond. 3rd February 1922 – 16th May 2020

Joy was born in 1922 in Newcastle to Charles and Gladys Forster, a much wanted fourth child and first daughter. After a rich, if somewhat lonely childhood, spent between Wiltshire and her beloved Bamburgh, she left…

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