Ghostwriter & Journalist

If you have a story to tell, Sue Leonard can ghostwrite your book for you. As a journalist Sue interviews authors and writes features for The Irish Examiner and others

Latest: Interviews & Reviews

Anne Enright

Anne Enright has long wanted to write about the theatre. It’s a world she knows well. Having discovered acting through her participation in Players, during her time at Trinity College Dublin, she spent a year after…

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Latest: Beginner's Pluck

Richard Hogan

As a small child, Richard Hogan’s ambition was to become a journalist, but his father, who worked for The Irish Times turned him off the idea. Then, as a member of a band, he wanted to…

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Latest: News

Margaret Daly. A Tribute

The first rule of author interviewing, is don’t, ever, be late. Especially if the writer has flown in and has a packed-out schedule for the day. But once, when I was due to meet the duo…

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